Hello. My name is Karen Shoutz, and I’d like to tell you about Karen’s Place. A few years back, I saw a sewing machine at a sportsman’s show. The machine created beautiful designs and I’ve always liked crafts. A short time later, I purchased my first machine, and began by creating designs for my grandchildren’s pajamas.

Then, a friend asked me to create some kitchen towel designs. Well, from there, the business took off. She showed her towels to friends, who wanted a few, then a few more orders came.

I went to my first craft show, nearly 10 years ago now, and sold out. I used to buy the towels 20 at a time, then 50. Pretty soon, it was in 100s. Now I’m order 5,000 at a time. The neckwarmers and the spatter screens have also been well received.

Pretty soon, I needed more machines. I asked my daughters, if they wanted to help me out, and so our family business got its start. My daughter, Pam started out with one machine, but now she’s running two of them. My daughter, Sandy has one machine. She’s our designer. She customizes the computer designs and creates new ones for us. I now have five machines.

I’ve always collected recipes, and so, I package each towel with a recipe clipped on with a miniature clothespin. The recipes are family ones, or ones that friends have shared.

In times past, friends got together, to cook, share stories and recipes, make crafts. Karen’s towels have grown out of such times.

I believe that people still appreciate a good value, so I’ve chosen quality materials—like 100% cotton.

Even with our busy lifestyles, we still enjoy gathering with friends and family. Where do we gather the most? Around food—in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning up, laughing, sharing. Karen’s towels are reminders of times past, and also part of building new memories, new moments and traditions. Or products are handcrafted with our well wishes. Use them, share them, and gift others with them!

From our family to yours,
Karen, Pam and Sandy